You are a little-respected IT manager at the Ven-Tec Corporate Offices. You have known for some time about the embezzling, fraud, and multitude of other illegal activities your company has engaged in. You have to find the evidence to incriminate the organization and bring them down.

Last Night in the Office is an Adventuron game designed for the ZX Spectrum +3, for the Next Adventure Jam. Work your way through the office of the Ven-Tec Corporation in stunning 16 color graphics and two word text parser!

You can play this game in the browser, or download the zip file and use a ZX Spectrum +3 Emulator for an even more authentic experience! Thanks to Andrés SamudioUtoTim Gilberts & Stefan Vogt for helping bring DAAD (used in +3 version)  to the community. 

This game was created with the Adventuron game engine.  If this engine interests you, you can learn to write your own text adventure game (in an hour) at

Quick Start Help:

Adventuron uses a two word text parser. Try the following commands in your starting office:


Note: As with many adventure games, the verb USE is not needed for this game. Use a more precise verb if trying to use an item. 

Thanks for trying out my game!

-Tim Jacobs

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Tagsadventuron, text-adventure, Text based


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muchas gracias por el juego y un gran trabajo 

Really fun game!  I've left some feedback on the jam entry page.