Bigfoot's Christmas is about to be ruined, and it's up to you to save it! In this Adventuron Text Adventure Game, you play as one of Santa's plucky elves who takes it upon themselves to uncover why Bigfoot got put on Santa's naughty list and correct this grievous mistake (as we all know Bigfoot is always very good). 

Explore different locations in stunning EGA graphics as you uncover this mystery and solve the puzzles to get Bigfoot on the nice list!

This game was created for the Adventuron Christmas Jam, so please also check out all of the other fabulous games that were written for the jam as well as the Adventuron engine and tutorials to build your own game at

Save Bigfoot's Christmas was created by Tim Jacobs. 

Thanks to DamienG for the zx-sierra-quest font!

Thanks to Chris Ainsley for Adventuron tutorials, support, and game jam running!

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