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Not all treasure hunters seek gold and gems. For some, a safe haven to shield them from the horrors of the is much more valuable . . .

Shuddering Light of the Shadowed Monarch is an incursion for Trophy Dark, guiding a band of treasure hunters through the horrors of the cave complex to reach the fabled haven of the Blossom Fields. If they do make it there though, they will find themselves changed, for better or worse . . . 

The theme and title for this game were created with the Random Adventure Title Generator by Chris Bissette for the Random Adventure Jam. HTML and epub versions of this module were generated by Pandoc.

Learn to play Trophy and get the Trophy SRD at https://trophyrpg.com/.

Content Warning: Excessive food consumption, insect horror, body horror


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Shuddering-Light-of-the-Shadowed-Monarch.pdf 3 MB
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Shuddering Light of the Shadowed Monarch.txt 13 kB
Shuddering-Light-of-the-Shadowed-Monarch.html 19 kB

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