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Life and survival in the far, far future is hard and bleak, even for those who live in the glass domed metropolises that are the Eco-domes. The beckon of treasure and adventure outside of the safety of the domes spurs adventurers to explore the forsaken ruins that surround the Eco-dome city. 

Travel outside the safety of the Eco-Dome into the Cathedral of Commerce, brave the perilous ruins and the more even more perilous denizens of the time-forgotten market. Somewhere within the depths of the ruins lay fantastic weapons, supplies, and wealth. 

The Abandoned World is a setting for Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold (https://trophyrpg.com/) the collaborative story telling game of the ruin and destruction of adventurers. The rules within Cathedral of Commerce provide more backgrounds, occupations, equipment, and rituals to create adventurers in the bleak wastelands of the Abandoned World. Included with the rules to create adventurers of the Abandoned World is a Trophy Gold incursion to the Cathedral of Commerce in search of an ancient Armory. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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