On a walk late one evening, your dog bolts onto the grounds of the old, haunted mansion on the outskirts of town. It is up to you to brave the spooky mansion and all of its ghoulish denizens and find your lost dog before it's too late! Are you brave enough to enter THE SPOOKY MANSION?

The Spooky Mansion is a text based adventure written in Adventuron for the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022. It is designed for people with and without text adventure experience! If this is your first text adventure game, it is strongly encouraged that you play with the Tutorial on. 

Content Warning: This game uses humorous, cartoon depictions of monsters, ghosts, and skeletons. While there are no events or scenes specifically designed to be scary, please exercise caution if playing with very young children. 

FEEDBACK: While I strive to make every game as complete as possible, parser based text adventures can be particularly difficult to anticipate user input. If you would like to leave me feedback, type TSTART at the beginning of the game to start logging mode and TSTOP when you are done. This will automatically download a text file of your game session, which you can then email to seritechgames@gmail.com. Thanks for all your help and thanks for playing!

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